EaP Civil Society Hackathon



1.1 First name:

1.2 Last name:

1.3 Contact phone No:

1.4 E-mail

1.5 Residential Address:

1.6 Country of citizenship

1.7 Gender:

1.8 Language skills:

2.1 Title / name of the proposed ICT tool:

2.2 Targeted town(s)/province(s) and country(ies):

2.3 Describe your ICT tool in brief:

2.4 The problem to be addressed and how your ICT tool will help to solve it:

2.5 Describe the technical implementation of your ICT tool:

2.6 Describe how your ICT tool be maintained and updated in future:

2.7 Are there any other ICT tools that tackle the same issue in your home country, other EaP countries, in Europe or in the world?

2.8 In your opinion, what areas of e-development of civil society and citizens does your ICT tool contribute to? Please select not more than three areas

3.1 Do you have experience of working or volunteering in civil society organisation, community or civil movement, in any form?

3.2 Are you currently working or volunteering in CSO, community or civil movement?

3.3 Provide the name and links (website or social media pages) of the organisation(s) you are associated with (if any):

3.4 Describe your position and how long you have been working with the organisation(s)

3.5 Are you a Founder of the organisation?

3.6 Is the Board or management of your organisation/community aware of your interest in this Hackathon programme?

3.7 Have you ever been participated in or lead a project on design and development of any IT products? If yes, can you describe the project and results achieved?

4.1 Do you have a hack team to work with you at 2018 EaP Civil Society Hackathon?

Hack Team Member 1:
Hack Team Member 2 (optional):

5.1 Any further personal information pertinent to this Hackathon